How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Shelter

Animal Clinic of Verona

August, 2016

If your pet spends any length of time outside it is important that they have an Outdoor setup that provides them with the essentials. This includes shade, shelter, and water. We will give you the guidelines you need to keep your pet safe when they are outside.

TIP 1: Pick a Spot

When it comes to picking a spot for your pet you need to take a day and watch the sun. Throughout the day your dog will need shade and plenty of it. It is important that the area you choose for your pet always has shade no matter where the sun is in the sky. NOTE: If you let your dog out on a lead rope make sure that they can always reach the shaded spots.

TIP 2: Shelter

The shelter you choose for your pet needs to provide them with a dry and comfortable place to relax. You should avoid placing the shelter in direct sun. Your dog’s shelter should also be weatherproof and by that we mean it keeps out the rain.

TIP 3: Water

Water is a necessity of life. Make sure they always have plenty of water and that you refill their bowl often. A pet without water an adequate water supply can easily become dehydrated.

By following these tips you will create an outdoor setup that keeps your pet safe and get you many doggy kisses! Happy pets means a happy life! Animal Clinic of Verona “Where Pets are Family.”

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