New Year's Pet Safety Tips

Animal Clinic of Verona

December 2016

We are getting ready to wrap up this year and celebrate the start of a new one! While the festivities are exciting for people our pets can suffer from noise anxiety, get lost and more. Follow these safety tips to keep your pet safe and sound!

  • 1. PET ID: It is very common for pets to get lost in the shuffle of the holiday bustle. Make sure your pet has an up-to-date ID tag, their microchip is current and you have a recent photo of your pet. Pets go missing during the holidays. Don’t let it happen to yours.
  • 2. PARTIES: Are you hosting a party in your home for the New Year? Make sure your pet doesn’t escape! Isolate your pet in a room away from the noise. Many pets feel comforted by being in a crate. This option is great because it is less likely a guest will let the pet out by mistake.
  • 3. NOISE ANXIETY: Parties, music and fireworks make a great holiday celebration but it can cause anxiety in your pet. Noise anxiety affects more pets than you realize. Exercise your pet throughout the day so they are extra tired at night. You can also speak to your Veterinarian about anxiety medication to make your pet more comfortable.
  • 4. FOOD, ALCOHOL & OTHER PARTY SUPPLIES: There are many human foods that your pet should not ingest. Most of these cause digestive tract upset, vomiting and diarrhea but some can even cause death. Keep your pets away from chocolate, chicken bones, cheese products, and alcohol. For a complete list of food products your pet should stay away from look to this link. ALSO, be aware that confetti, silly string and other celebratory products should be kept away from your pet. Our best advice is to lock up your pet until you have time to clean up.

Our pets are family. Keep them safe by doing your part! In the event your furry friend does get out, alert your local shelters and share with them your recent photo. We wish you and your pet(s) a Happy New Year!

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