Signs of a Flea Infestation

Animal Clinic of Verona

October 2016

Our furry friends are great to snuggle with. They are warm, cuddly and a safe haven for pests like FLEAS! Fleas love our pets warm bodies! It is the perfect habitat for fleas to multiply! Fleas are not picky pests either! They will lay eggs in rugs, couches, blankets and more. They also will bite ANYONE and that includes you! Caring for our pets includes caring for our homes. Here are the signs your house is infested with FLEAS!

  1. Check your pet: Fleas leave waste material called flea dirt on your pets skin which looks like little black specks. If you notice flea dirt and that your pet is itching and biting at their fur excessively it is most likely due to a flea infestation. Treat your pet immediately with flea meds! This is the first step to getting a flea problem under control.
  2. Fleas you can see: Are you seeing small bugs jumping on your curtains or onto your clothing? This is a distinct sign that the flea population in your home is HUGE! Remember 1 female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day! Talk about a population explosion! Treat your home: there are many over the counter ways to get rid of fleas such as flea bombs, carpet powders and more. Choose what works best for you.
  3. You are getting bitten: Like we mentioned earlier, fleas are NOT picky! They survive on blood! If you are noticing red itchy bumps, especially at your ankles, this is another sign of flea infestation.

Fleas may be small but they pack quite the bite! A flea infestation needs to be addressed immediately or you will find yourself replacing carpets, beddings, clothing and more! Love your pet and your home! Don’t let fleas get out of control. Subscribe to monthly flea medication for your furry friend!

DID YOU KNOW? Fleas are present all year round! Flea infestations often happen in the winter because pet owners discontinue use of flea medication. Don’t make this mistake! Keep your pet and home flea free!

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