Why Your Pet Should Have a Rabies Vaccination

Animal Clinic of Verona

April 2017

The virus that causes rabies is transmitted through the saliva of infected animals. All mammals are believed to be susceptible to the disease. Usually, it is transmitted from animal to animal through bites. The incubation period varies widely; in domestic animals, it is usually 3-12 weeks but can range from several days to months, rarely exceeding 6 months. Rabies in animals almost always end in the death of the animal.

Signs of rabies include:

  • 1. Lack of Appetite
  • 2. Difficulty swallowing
  • 3. Abnormal behavior (i.e. nocturnal animals out during the day)
  • 4. Loss of coordination
  • 5. Paralysis
  • 6. Seizures
  • 7. Foaming at the mouth

So why do we want your indoor pets vaccinated against rabies? Because things happen - Skunks can get in through the dog door and raccoon, squirrels and bats can come in through chimneys, attic windows or open vents. While these things happen few and far between, the consequences can be severe. If your animal is exposed to a potentially rabid animal and is overdue for their rabies vaccination, it is required that the animal be either euthanized or kept under a strict six-month quarantine.

The first rabies vaccine for dogs and cats lasts for 1 year; subsequent inoculations have a 3-year duration. Many people feel that if their cats are indoor only, rabies vaccines are are not warranted but we urge you to reconsider.

Not only is the rabies vaccination required by law, it is essential in controlling the spread of this disease and paramount in keeping your family protected. Whether your dog is 3 lbs and barely leaves your lap or a 15-year-old house cat that has retired to bird-watching from the window, rabies vaccination is necessary for all pets

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